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Israel Next’s own podcast gives you what you need for an inspired and credible Israel engagement.

Through talks, teachings and interviews, we speak about topics like history, culture, politics, society, religion, archaeology, daily life and more. In short, everything from Abraham to Netanyahu, from stones to nanotech.

In every episode

  • “Inside Out” gives you the latest news as they are understood in Israel as well as tools to make sense of them.
  • “Zoom Out” gives you the topics that media speak about in fragments and put them into context.
  • “The Calendar” lets you follow Israelis in their religious and national celebrations and commemorations.
  • “The verse of the day” makes sure everything else is founded on solid ground; the Bible.

Everything is peppered with personal experiences, stories, and wisdom from our podcast hosts who for years lived and studied in Israel and continue to spend much time there.

You find us on Spotify, Apple Podcast (iTunes) and many other podcast apps and sites.