Israel Next considers appreciation of Israel and the Jewish people an integral and genuine expression of the Christian faith. God repeatedly refers to Himself as “the God of Israel”, and Jesus famously said, “salvation is from the Jews”. Our love for Jesus moves our hearts to also love Israel.

However, among the next generation engagement for Israel is lacking. Without teaching on Israel in many churches, together with an increasingly Israel-hostile society, it has not been easy for young people to make the right choice. Israel Next seeks to change this. We want to bring the next generation to a sound, biblical appreciation of Israel. We believe dedicated and active Israel engagement has a natural place among all the wonderful things a Christian is called to do.

The vision of Israel Next is global. We seek to outwork this goal by informing, educating and creating awareness of Israel; its history, present and future. A main priority is to bring young people like you to Israel, to offer an experience of the land and the people, and to teach you on site. The aim of the various aspects of Israel Next is to help increase your understanding and support for Israel.

We believe it is crucial for the church’s and for Israel’s, sake that the next generation connect with the people and the land where our faith originated, and that we position ourselves shoulder to shoulder with Israel and the Jewish people. Israel Next seeks to create engagement and support for Israel also beyond the walls of the church. We believe Israel has a just case and that support for her is a logical and moral obligation for everyone.

Israel Next Founders

Stephan and Anne Christiansen

  • Founders and pastors of Jesus Church
  • Founder and international leader of Jesus Revolution and Jesus Movement
  • Leaders of TBBMI  – a bible and missions institute
  • Founders Day & Night – center for worship, prayer & mercy
  • Founders of Jesus Women (Anne)
  • Founding circle of Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast
  • Leaders of Israel tours

Clive and Jane Urquhart

  • Senior Pastors of Kingdom Faith Church, UK
  • Teachers at Kingdom Faith Bible College
  • Leaders of Israel tours
  • Founders of Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast London
  • Founding Circle of Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

Roar Sørensen

  • Director of Israel Next
  • Educated at Livets Ord University in Uppsala and Hebrew University in Jerusalem
  • Lived in Jerusalem for eight years
  • Experienced teacher, organiser, and leader of tours and courses in Israel
  • Founding Circle of Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast