Fighting anti-Semitism with Music – Lest We Forget

On the eve of the day of commemoration of the Holocaust in Israel, Monday April 20, the Norwegian artist Stephan Christiansen, in cooperation with Israel Next, released a new version of the album Lest We Forget. The album consists exclusively of songs on the Holocaust theme. Through words and music Christiansen movingly describes the horror of the industrial murder of six million Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators. Lest We forget is available on all digital platforms.

One of the building blocs of Israel Next is to create historical awareness. Awareness of the destructive potential of anti-Semitism has a central place in this effort. Lest We Forget offers an accessible and creative way to spread this relevant message to the young generation.

This year marks the 75th commemoration since the end of Holocaust, but anti-Semitism is far from dead. On the contrary, anti-Semitic expressions and violence are more common today than at any other time since the Second World War.

Many Jews living in western democracies today, dare not reveal their identity on our streets, for instance by wearing a skullcap, out of fear of being harassed or physically abused. A society that quietly accept or ignore this, lets anti-Semitism become an expression of who we are as a nation. We cannot allow this to happen.

Today, there is also something called the New Anti-Semitism where Israel has become “the new Jew.” This hatred expresses itself, among other things, in use of double standards where Israel is condemned for issues other nations are not. Of course, not all criticism of Israel is an expression of anti-Semitism, but the phenomenon of double standards is unfortunately way too common.

Lest We Forget was originally released in 2015, but some of the songs have received a new musical arrangement and a new song has been added to the album.

We would greatly appreciate if you would help us spread the album. This can be done in several ways; by listening to the songs; linking to them and recommending them on social media; or writing a review in a magazine, website, or other media outlet.

For organizations, churches, and synagogues that are planning different ways to mark the commemoration, a selection of these songs can be a valuable musical inclusion. They offer an additional dimension and perspective in addition to speeches and other elements.

Please help us, help your friends, your city, and your nation never to forget. Today, we embrace the Jews, and stand up against anti-Semitism.

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