Launch of Israel Next

We are incredibly happy to announce the launch of Israel Next. But why is an organization focusing on bringing Israel to the next generation needed; why should you belonging to this generation, be engaged?

As a follower of Jesus, it is hard to understand why you shouldn’t!

  • Jesus was born in Israel.
  • Jesus was crucified and resurrected in Israel.
  • The Holy Spirit was poured out in Israel.
  • The Church was born in Israel.
  • The Apostles were from Israel.
  • The Prophets were from Israel.
  • The Bible was written by Jews – mostly in Israel.
  • David was the King of Israel.
  • Moses led the people of God to Israel.
  • Abraham received promises about Israel.
  • Paul the apostle taught that you are grafted into Israel!
  • Jesus is coming back to Israel.

Israel Next, therefore, considers appreciation of Israel and the Jewish people an integral and genuine expression of the Christian faith.

However, engagement for Israel is lacking in the next generation. Without teaching on Israel in many churches, together with an increasingly Israel-hostile society, it has not been easy for you to make the right choice. Israel Next seeks to change this.

Israel Next is calling on the Youth of the World to love, study, go to, pray for, engage in and support Israel. We will help you explore the connection you have with this unique nation and people.

Your life in God will be richer, deeper, wider….and more exciting! Join Israel Next on a life changing journey of discovery!

Note: You are most welcome to the official launch of Israel Next in Norway taking place in Jesus Church, Oslo on March 17 at 11:00. You can read more about the event here.

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Roar Sørensen
Director of Israel Next

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